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Darkness Eternal.jpg

A shadow has been cast and a dark secret has been hidden for an eternity

Through the ritualistic sacrifice of blood

Two households:

The House of M- upholding the traditions that have kept them blending in high society, never revealing themselves to their prey, holding onto sacred ritual as truth.

And the House of Oh- the outcasts, the miscreants, the warriors and the beasts. Unafraid to declare themselves as the new way of things.

Tension builds between them, awakening a war that has been brewing for centuries.

On November 20, 2020, the secrets of these families will be revealed through the dark art of Martin Darkside and Shane Izykowski.

As the human world tears itself apart from the inside, we will witness these two households in unholy battle.

As the fate of their kind hangs in the balance,

One thing is for certain, humankind will never be declared the victor.

Crucible Gallery presents: Darkness Eternal.

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